15-Minute Forums

Last year saw our introduction of a NEW informal CPD opportunity, open to all Wellacre staff: the 15-Minute Forum. Firstly, credit where it’s due – I owe a debt of gratitude to Shaun Allison at Durrington High School for this format, which we’ve rather shamelessly (ahem) borrowed. Please take some time to look at their excellent Teaching & Learning blog by way of a thank you.

15-Minute Forums are short, informal discussion groups each led by a colleague who has been developing their practice in a particular area. They share what they have been doing and then encourage others to contribute ideas – all in 15 minutes! These bite-size CPD chunks are an excellent way of sharing the ‘tweaks’ needed to move our day-in, day-out teaching & learning towards outstanding. A summary will be published here on the blog following each forum.

The programme: in reverse order!


Wed 22nd Jan – Take-away homework by Iqra Razzaq

Wed 5th Feb – Using exams formatively by Geoff Hibbert

Wed 26th Feb – Make marking matter with MAD time by Heather Morgan

Wed 12th Mar – Pastoral data tracking for Achievement Tutors by Julia Brunning

Wed 26th Mar – Lesson Study: What, Why and How? by Tom O’Dowd

Wed 23rd Apr   – Perfect plenaries by Mark Hodgson

Wed 7th May   – Teaching small groups: Conference-style! by Yasmin Chowdhury

Wed 21st May – Staff well-being & relaxation by Lorna Baxter

Wed 10th Sept – Tweet tweet! Why all the fuss about teachers using Twitter? by Ben Hill

Wed 17th Sept – Working out what works: What does educational research really mean to us? by Dan Twist

Wed 24th Sept – Effort! Getting students to work hard by Sharon Sherratt

Wed 1st Oct – Creative ways to support dyslexia by Will Dougherty

Wed 8th Oct – Let’s Think by Iqra Razzaq

Wed 15th Oct – Epi-Pen training led by school nurse Maureen Tait

Wed 22nd Oct – Marking: why bother? by Tom Daly

Wed 5th Nov – Lesson on a page by Ben Hill

Wed 12th Nov – Talk for writing by Leor Holtzman

Wed 11th Jan – How to use Rothko paintings to inspire by John Neild

Wed 18th Jan – Quality assurance for Internal Verification by Stacey Partridge

Wed 25th Jan – NQT Independent Learning Strategies by Steve Casey

Wed 1st Feb – The Outstanding Teacher programme by Jenny Chapman and Paul Bittles

Wed 8th Feb – Independent Learning (Learning scientists) @AceThatTest by Allan Glover

Wed 26 April – Embedding Pivotal Behaviour Pillars by Aaron Cameron and Lorraine Eagling pivotaleducation.com

Wed 3rd May – Creative Classrooms by Claire Niebel

Wed 10th May – Extending writing by Rob Chisnall

Wed 17th May – How to use SIMS classes

Wed 24th May – Student Leadership impact so far by Claire Niebel

All will be held in the staffroom at 3.15 every Wednesday.

Please do come along – all are welcome – and consider whether you’ve got something you’d be willing to share on a future date!


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