#TOTW prize 24th Jan 2014

This morning’s Tweet of The Week prizes went to our two newest staff tweeters Dan Twist and Michelle O’Neill – congratulations!

A late entry from Leor Holtzman didn’t quite meet the stringent criteria(!), but thanks for sharing these two ideas all the same:

Just tried to tweet but I am blocked again! Anyway I tried this out with a disruptive year 7 class – circle time where the class came together each one sharing their thoughts on an issue. I use it now to start each lesson and give new instructions- helps student focus.
Tweet 2- the talking frog I have a teddy that is used in questions and answers. Students are passed the teddy to either ask or answer a question. Good for chatty classes as the rule is you can only talk if you hold the teddy.

Next week’s prize will be related to our 30-Day Focus on ‘Do Nows’ – best suggestions for getting lessons off to a focused and purposeful start – by tweet to @WellacreTL or by email to Ben Hill.


About Stacey Partridge

Assistant Principal responsible for Teaching & Learning and CPD, Stem, Transition & primary liaison. Applied Learning Quality Nominee, CEIAG, Prince's Trust and SMSC. Wellacre Academy Flixton, Greater Manchester
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