Much Ado about ‘Do Nows’

Do It Now

Yes, even you.

A ‘Do Now’ is a learning activity that students get on with as soon as they are in their seats. The idea is to settle your class and get them focused on learning from the very outset, minimising disruption  as you take the register or get other resources ready. This sends out a very clear message to students that lessons begin the moment they arrive.

I take my inspiration here from David Didau‘s excellent blog The Learning Spy:

 “Once seated, students crack on with bell work, or the ‘Do Now’. This is a vital routine. The expectation that there is no slack time and that lessons begin the moment students arrive is a hugely important message. Waiting for stragglers just signals that turning up on time isn’t important.”

It strikes me that a ‘Do Now’ needn’t be any particular type of activity – anything that fits these criteria will work:

  • Students can begin the task as soon as they enter the room
  • Minimal teacher input / equipment / explanation required
  • Takes only a few minutes to complete
  • Links to the learning within the lesson (or to prior learning)
  • Is appropriate for the students in front of you!

Here’s a set of PowerPoint slides with some really simple ideas for ‘Do Now’ activities for you to use or adapt as you see fit. Some are timed, others can take as long as you wish. Many of these suggestions/slides have come via Twitter, and I am grateful to @Benneypenyrheol, @TLMaltings, @ASTsupportAALI, @davidfawcett27, @HFletcherWood, @TeacherToolkit, @LearningSpy and @ManYanaEd (among others) for ideas. I hope it goes without saying that if you are aware of a missing credit or attribution, please let me know!

Wellacre colleagues have already been contributing their own suggestions:

Please feel free to add your voice to the discussion in the comments below.


About Stacey Partridge

Assistant Principal responsible for Teaching & Learning and CPD, Stem, Transition & primary liaison. Applied Learning Quality Nominee, CEIAG, Prince's Trust and SMSC. Wellacre Academy Flixton, Greater Manchester
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5 Responses to Much Ado about ‘Do Nows’

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  2. Leor says:

    Students handed a card with a theme on it/ They work with a partner to physicalize/ express (Freeze frame)- The rest of the class have to guess what it is and how it links to the lesson

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