Do Now? Doing it already!

This post is an update of ‘Much Ado about Do Nows‘ from earlier in the week, and summarises the response I’ve had so far from Wellacre staff to our 30 Day Focus on ‘Do Now’ activities. Strategies have come in via e-mail, Twitter, through learning walks and our special Planning Picnic event from Thursday lunchtime. Who could have resisted this invitation?

Miss E from MFL brought this idea to the Planning Picnic:

‘Odd One Out’ as a starter with quite a few classes this week and find it is a great way to get students explaining their answers and being creative in their responses. It’s self-differentiating as students can either go for the obvious link or try to come up with something more obscure

Mr G from English immediately committed himself to trying this one, and added his own idea of using pictures, or extracts from texts as prompts. He’s also a BIG fan of Post-It notes – some of our boys seem to respond better to their temporary nature rather than committing their thoughts to permanence in exercise books.

Miss C, recently joined us as a trainee in Drama, is a big fan of using ‘Thunk’ questions such as “What Colour is Monday?” or “Which is heavier, lies or promises?” to get her classes going. Find out more at Ian Gilbert‘s Independent Thinking site.

Meanwhile, our head of Drama @klmcdonough said conversations about ‘Do Nows’ in school this week had opened her eyes to the possibilities for practical subjects!

Miss S and the @PEWellacre team went all out with a whole document of KS3 PE Do Nows to share with staff. They’re apparently ideal changing-room activities but so many of them have cross-curricular potential too. My favourite is Charades!

@Rattler1987 from RE had her Y7s composing a tweet about the Hindu concept of God as a ‘Do Now’ this week, differentiated with a ‘target word’ box.

My own suggestion was from my Y10 Physics lessons, and links back to our spring-term focus on Assessment & Feedback by giving each student one highlighted question from their recent mock exam paper to ‘close the gap‘ on as their Do Now.

Other tweeted submissions are here  – you’re all in the #TOTW draw for Friday briefing.


About Stacey Partridge

Assistant Principal responsible for Teaching & Learning and CPD, Stem, Transition & primary liaison. Applied Learning Quality Nominee, CEIAG, Prince's Trust and SMSC. Wellacre Academy Flixton, Greater Manchester
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