If you only do one thing this month…

Feedback from both staff and students over the last twelve months strongly indicates that our most effective changes in practice happen when we all focus on the same thing at the same time – hence our ’30 Day Focus’ approach (#30DF).

Previous #30DF have brought about important changes in our start-of-lesson routines, our approaches to marking and differentiation. With this year’s whole-Academy focus on embedding a Growth Mindset, what better way to start than with a new one: Growth Language and Effort Praise.

The idea’s simple: if we can all do it together for a month, then these crucial changes in the way we talk about learning have the biggest chance of having a real impact.

Many better authors than I have written about the Growth Mindset (a few are featured further down this post) – I don’t intend to try and match them here – but if our staff only did one thing this month I’d really like it to be this: make a concerted effort to practice the language of growth, and to focus their praise on effort, not attainment or ‘ability’ (whatever that is).

photo 1photo 2



 (so when you find this in your pigeonholes tomorrow morning, you’ll know what it’s about!)



Recommended further reading / viewing:

Carol Dweck speaking about her own research

Further ideas related to our growth mindset strategies (you’ll see that I borrow a lot of my best ideas from this blog…)

Developing a growth mindset culture (…and this one!)

“Why I’ll never tell my son he’s smart”



About Stacey Partridge

Assistant Principal responsible for Teaching & Learning and CPD, Stem, Transition & primary liaison. Applied Learning Quality Nominee, CEIAG, Prince's Trust and SMSC. Wellacre Academy Flixton, Greater Manchester
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