24/7 programme

At Wellacre Academy, we believe that the very best way to develop outstanding Teaching & Learning is to encourage staff to share in each other’s good practice and take ownership of their professional development: CsPD, the s stands for ‘self’!

Why wait half a term for the next INSET to roll around? The 24/7 CsPD programme at Wellacre Academy incorporates a wide variety of informal, self- and peer-led professional development opportunities that can fit around you – whenever, wherever and however you want. Here’s a reminder of what’s on offer:

Teaching & Learning Book Club

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Keep Calm and Read a Book

The staffroom bookshelves have recently been re-stocked with books on a wide variety of aspects of teaching and learning (the full list is here). Many of them have post-it note reviews written by a colleague who has already tried out something they’ve read. Please feel free to browse and borrow – the lending fee is merely the cost a minute of your time to either tweet, scribble, email or talk about anything you see that you think is worth sharing! If you feel like writing a longer review for this blog, please let me know!

Open Classrooms

Open Classroom - come on in!

Open Classroom – come on in!

Opening the classroom door to colleagues can be as liberating as it is daunting, making collaborating and sharing good practice so much easier. In schools where dropping in and out of each other’s lessons is the norm, a strong culture of co-operation and creativity can develop. ‘Open Classroom’ signs have been appearing on classroom doors around the Academy since last term; these are where colleagues have said they are happy for any other member of staff to informally drop in and observe the learning taking place in that classroom – all they ask is that you check whether the sign is on the door first! If someone has taken theirs down it may be that one particular class or lesson does not respond well to new faces.

You can take advantage of the Open Classrooms by visiting a colleague’s lesson or by adding yourself to the list – the more the merrier!

Developmental Learning Walks

A Learning Walk is a short, informal and non-judgemental classroom visit which can be carried out by any member of staff at any time. There are huge opportunities for sharing practice and reflecting on learning within the learning walk model, and it can be a hugely energising, thought-provoking and positive experience for all involved. Get involved in this powerful CPD opportunity either by mutual arrangement with a colleague or – if you’re less sure of where to start – contact Stacey Partridge to arrange a suitable itinerary

Leading lesson observations / Coached lesson observations


Teacher blogging

There is a wealth of great professional learning to be done simply by reading other teachers’ thoughts and experiences. For some suggestions of great blogs to read, try here.
Alternatively, why not start writing about your own practice – it’s a great way to reflect on WHY we do the things we do in the classroom. Here are a couple of articles for inspiration:

Wannabe teacher bloggers’ top 10 (Tom Sherrington)

Things that make you go Hmmmm (Shaun Allison)

Twitter as a CPD tool

Tweet, tweet!

If you only took advantage of one additional CPD opportunity this term, … you could do a lot worse than signing up to Twitter and starting to take advantage of the fantastic CPD ideas and opportunities to share great practice it offers.

Sharing is caring, so send a tweet to @WellacreTL with a teaching tweak that you’ve read about / heard about / seen / tried recently.

In need of a helping hand getting started? Try here: http://ideasfactory.me/using-twitter-the-pln-in-education

Not sure what kind of things to tweet about? Try here:

Anything else you’d like to see here?

The 24/7 programme is always growing to reflect the development needs of Wellacre staff. If you feel there’s something missing that you could offer or would like to benefit from, please get in touch.


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