Assessment, Marking & Feedback

From initial discussions about potential areas for our research we steered towards the feedback and marking aspects of  assessment for learning.  Our initial research included both teacher and student surveys, with strikingly similar findings:

Teacher responses

Student responses

The results concluded that teachers used ‘even better if’, sharing levels and peer assessment most frequently and that these are considered by most the most effective methods in terms of allowing progress to be made. Our students also reported that although they too considered EBIs to be effective in terms of helping them make progress, only 24% admitted to ever acting on the feedback they had been given! We agreed that this was the most important factor to develop and improve in order to have impact on progress.

Our research aims were accordingly narrowed down into the following:

 Using the idea of WWW and EBI to develop a more effective method of feedback through written, peer and verbal assessment methods, the project aims to:
  • Impact on pupils’ progress
  • Increase quantity and decrease quantity of marking
  • Make feedback more constructive and interactive

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